Your First Dance FAQs

Couples sometimes have mixed feelings about their first dance together. Here at Your First Dance Co, we want to make your first dance perfect.

To do this, the dance should be completely reflective of you, as a couple. To help guide you and to answer some of the questions you may have, we have prepared this frequently asked questions and answers blog.

If you have further questions, we would love to help, so please just give us a call.

How long before the wedding do we need to book our dance lessons?

It’s never too early to start dance lessons! However, we recommend starting a minimum of 3 months prior to the wedding. Of course, if you don’t get to it until the last minute, we can definitely work with you to make you the star of the show!

How many lessons do we need to take?

The number of lessons will depend on each couple but usually range from 6 to 10 lessons for you to become comfortable and competent. We recommend regular lessons, weekly or fortnightly, in the lead up to the wedding. We have a minimum of three lessons to ensure you are really confident on your big day!

How long should the dance be?

2.5 minutes is perfect timing for your first dance! While 2.5 minutes may not seem like a long time, it’s definitely enough time to showcase your new dance moves! Most songs are about this length also. However, if your dream is a spectacular showcase, we can absolutely help you prepare your perfect dance and make a splash on your big day.

When should the dance be scheduled?

Traditionally the first dance is done at the completion of the reception formalities. It’s the perfect indicator to your guests that is time to jump up and take to the dance floor. We encourage you to think about doing the dance after your entrance to the reception. You have done the work so why not show treat your guests to the performance before the reception gets into full swing. However, like all things with your wedding, it’s your day and you can throw the rule book out the window and do it when it feels right for you!

What shoes should I wear?

We highly recommend wearing the same shoes to your lessons that you will be wearing for the dance on your wedding day. Remember, comfort and functionality are paramount, so joggers, heels, bare feet or flats are all perfectly acceptable! If you don’t have your shoes in time for your lessons, something similar to what you are planning to wear will work fine.


Your First Dance Co classes are super fun, so why not treat your Bridal Party to join in. We can organise private or group lessons for you and your bridal party to get everyone involved with at least a few basic steps under their belts.


Here at Your First Dance Co, your dream is our priority. So whether you want flower girl, page boy, mother, father, son, daughter, friends or grandparents, if they want to dance, we will teach them!