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This is what it means to have a custom wedding dance choreographed for your big day, with Your First Dance Co.

Here at Your First Dance Co. we know that memories of love are what weddings are truly about. The memory of walking down the aisle and seeing your beloved for the first time, as they wait for you to join them. The moment you say “I do,” and know that it means forever.

Then, there’s your first dance. It’s a once in a lifetime moment where time and space seem to stand still. The music starts, your bodies begin to move in unison as you twirl, dip and spin across the dance floor. Your loved ones will watch on with admiration as they see your love story come to life, in perfect harmony, for one beautiful moment that you’ll treasure for the rest of your lives. You will never forget your journey through dance, and every time YOUR song plays, time will stand still once more.

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