Your First Dance Co. Wedding Dance FAQs

We believe the first dance you share together at your wedding should be a special celebration. Understandably, couples sometimes have mixed feelings about their first dance – particularly if one (or both) of you feel you have two left feet and no rhythm!

Never fear, Your First Dance Co. are here to make your first wedding dance just perfect.

To do this, the dance should reflect you both, as a couple. To help guide you and make you feel comfortable along the way, here are some of our most asked questions and their honest and simple answers.

If you have further questions, don’t worry, we would love to help! Please just give us a call on 0438 401 872.

Do we need wedding dance lessons?

Lessons for your wedding dance are a great idea, that way you don’t have to ‘wing it’ on the day – having to sway back and forth awkwardly for four minutes is a big fear! A lesson can be scary too, especially if you’re not sure what it entails. But even just learning a combination of simple steps for the person leading – it doesn’t have to be a full dance – can make a huge difference. It will help you to feel confident and make a great impression.

How long before the wedding do we need to book our dance lessons?

It’s never too early to start dance lessons! We recommend starting a minimum of 3 months prior to the wedding. Of course, if your wedding is sooner than that we can definitely work with you on a simple routine that you can perfect quickly.

How long would it take to learn a wedding dance routine?

We understand that all couples are different in terms of coordination and their ability to commit to practising in their own time. A simple routine (under two minutes) can take between 4 - 6 one-hour lessons, and a more complex routine, approximately 10 -12 one-hour lessons. At Your First Dance Co. we have a minimum of two lessons to ensure you are really confident on your big day!

How do we choose the music for our first wedding dance?

Make sure you both love the lyrics, the beat or the artist – you want to have a connection with the song and it will help if you are both familiar with it. This dance will create a memory to last a lifetime so make sure the music means something to you both. Every time you hear it that song should spark something special.

What are some great first wedding dance songs?

‘At Last’ by Etta James – Has a beautiful and natural waltz feel, being a ¾ rhythm. ‘Thinking Out Loud’ by Ed Sheeran – More modern, couples are loving the inspiration from the film clip. ‘From This Moment’ by Shania Twain – Very meaningful and dynamic changes within the piece. ‘All Of Me’ by John Legend – Slow with dynamic changes, giving any dance a difference within sections. ‘Lost In This Moment’ by Big & Rich – A country feel and one that people love upon hearing.

How long should our wedding dance be?

2.5 minutes is perfect timing for your first dance! While 2.5 minutes may not seem like a long time, it’s definitely enough time to showcase your new dance moves! Most songs are about this length also. However, if your dream is a spectacular showcase, we can absolutely help you prepare your perfect dance and make a huge splash on your big day.

When should the dance be scheduled?

Traditionally the first dance is done at the completion of the wedding reception formalities. It’s the perfect indicator to your guests that is time to jump up and take to the dance floor. We encourage you to think about doing the dance after your entrance to the reception. You have done the work so why not treat your guests to the performance before the reception gets into full swing. However, like all things with your wedding, it’s your day and you can throw the rule book out the window and do it when it feels right for you!

What shoes should i wear?

At Your First Dance Co. we highly recommend wearing the same shoes to your lessons that you will be wearing for the dance on your wedding day. Remember, comfort and functionality are paramount, so joggers, heels, bare feet or flats are all perfectly acceptable. If you don’t have your shoes in time for your lessons, something similar to what you are planning to wear will work fine.

Can we involve our bridal party in our dance?

We make sure that all our lessons and classes are fun, meaning you can absolutely get your bridal party to join in with private or group lessons and they’ll actually enjoy it! It is a great way to get your bridal party / friends involved and ensures they are confident and have at least a few quality dance steps under their belts when it comes to the big day.

We want to do something different at our wedding, can you help?

Absolutely! At Your First Dance Co. dance is our passion and we love, love. If are looking for something different for your wedding dance we can make it happen. If you’d like to involve your flower girl, page boy, mother, father, son, daughter, friends or grandparents - we will teach them! Let’s work together to make your wedding dance dreams come true. To find out more and make a booking for your big day click through – link to best section of website.