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hesitant husbands

The first dance a husband and wife share together is a special moment. It is set to the music of “their song,” and from that moment onwards anytime they hear it, their body remembers. 

The love, the embrace of that moment. But it doesn’t always start off that way.

Many men are really, and I mean REALLY, hesitant when it comes to the first dance and learning to dance.

They have hung heads and shoulders, mumble a lot, grizzle here and there, and they may even make an awkward joke or two at a poor attempt to make themselves feel better.

It is very clear that they often don’t want to be there. Dancing is often viewed with contempt by many men, except those who may be “in the scene.”

But they are there, begrudgingly maybe, but there. We have a chat about the dance, want style the couple are wanting, any experience in dance they have (and for those hesitant husbands it is usually none, because let’s face it if you have experience in dance – you LOVE it). Despite this conversation, AND reassurance, it is easy to see they don’t feel any better at all.

Then we start….

We choreograph a few steps, and turn the music on, a shift starts to happen. We run through again a couple more times, and the hesitant husband starts to ask a question: “should I put my hand here of there?” “Is it one turn or two?”


Sometimes you may even get a groom asking “can I do jazz hands?”

They are starting to get into it. Then by the end of the lesson, they are having the time of their life. Some of them ever start correcting their wives!!! Advice: don’t do that  But in all seriousness, some women enjoy the man taking the lead.

The point here, is you may worry that your husband (or if you are a hesitant husband reading this, then you) may not enjoy the lessons. Whilst they may mumble and grown before it happens, and on the way there, and even at the beginning of the lesson; by the end of it, you will have them practicing in the kitchen telling them to “get out of the way.”