Adult Dance Program

Adult Dance Program


Optional Mid Year & End Of Year Concert Performances

Dancing is great for the soul. Dancing not only improves your physical health but your emotional health too.

Welcome to Your First Dance Co. (YFDC), where the love of dance knows no age limits! At YFDC, we understand that the desire to dance isn’t confined to children or professionals.

For those who didn’t have the chance to dance in childhood or left it behind in their teens, we’re here to make your dance dreams a reality. Our adults-only dance classes go beyond mere dance-inspired cardio routines. Instead, we offer an opportunity to work out while truly learning to dance.

Say goodbye to generic step-point-and-shuffle routines set to uninspiring mixes. At YFDC, our goal is to provide you with an authentic dance experience. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or have some dance history, our classes are tailored for adults like you.

Dance is for everyone, regardless of age or professional training. Join us at YFDC in 2024, where our adult dance classes are designed for you to truly dance, stay fit, and embrace the joy of movement.

As an added extra, YFDC also organise extra adults’ outings so that the lovely women who attend our classes have the opportunity to go out, try new things, and foster lasting friendships.

Dance styles include:

  • Jazz / Commercial Jazz
  • Beginner Tap / Advanced Tap / Open Tap
  • Twerk IT
  • Contemporary / Lyrical
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical Theatre
  • Ballet
  • Belly Dance Fusion (NEW CLASS to 2024)
  • MOVE & TONE (NEW CLASS to 2024)
  • Private Lessons 
  • Private Group Tuition

adult class prices

  • Enrollment Fee:  $50.00 Annual Fee (Paid on enrollment for individual or family)
  • 45min class – $160.00 per style, per term 
  • 1 Hour – $175.00 per style, per term
  • Adults Dance Classes Unlimited – $700 (4 or more classes)
  • Casual Dance Class – $23.00
  • Private Group Session (Min. 3 in a class) $25.00 per person 


    Private Lessons:

  • 30mins – $45
  • 45mins – $60
  • 1 Hour – $75


Indulge in personalized dance experiences with options for one-on-one lessons or custom group sessions with your friends. Whether you’re aiming to boost confidence, pursue personal improvement, delve into competition or exam preparation (such as the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus), or simply explore a specific dance style, the choice is yours. 

Tailor your learning with the flexibility to opt for either half-hour or one-hour lessons, according to your personal preferences. All styles accomdated for here at YFDC.

explore all dance classes at no cost before committing to the term