I started doing Twerk It with Anne-Marie and Courtney two years ago, in Hamlyn Terrace.

It was absolutely amazing!

It can be really hard to love your body as a woman. The media tells you that you have to have flat this, and tight that, toned this, and shaped that, but never that you are enough just the way you are. But at this Twerk class, I felt more than enough, I felt sexy as.

With these classes, I developed a whole lot of appreciation for jiggle. I know that sounds so strange. To appreciate the wobbly bits, but that’s what this is! Twerk is all about the wobble, the more you can make it bounce, jiggle, and wriggle, the sexier it is! Take a look at any twerk video, the butt is sexiest when it bounces.

And the thing is, the more you love your body, the sexier and more confident you feel! And there is nothing sexier than confidence. You can see it in the women after class too!! Everyone is tired but really, to quote Beyonce, “feelin’ themselves.” And that leaks out too, in every other part of life. Especially if you’re a mum. It can be so hard to get your mojo back, you are just tired and it is such a struggle to feel sexy. Not with these classes!

Even if I was tired, and didn’t want to go, I’d always push myself to attend, and every time I was glad I did!!!