Combining a "first dance" (Slow Dance) with a "bust out” (Fast and upbeat)!

While there may not be a traditional term or practice associated with this combination, you can create a memorable and personalized experience by blending elements from both of these dances.

For a “first dance” to a “bust out,” consider choreographing a dance that starts as a traditional first dance and then “busts out” into a more energetic, surprising, or entertaining performance. This can include changing the music, style, or even involving the bridal party or guests.

To make it special, you could:

  1. Select a meaningful song for your first dance.
  2. Work with a dance instructor to choreograph the initial part.
  3. Choose a transition point in the song to switch to a more lively or surprising performance.
  4. Involve family and friends in the transition for a “bust out” moment.
  5. Keep it a surprise for your guests to make it more memorable.


Remember that your first dance should reflect your personalities and preferences.

By adding a “bust out” element, you can create a unique and unforgettable moment at your wedding.