Have a bust-out at the end of your bridal dance, do a special bust-out for your partner (did anyone say “garter dance?”), or do a full bridal party bust-out and really go nuts! The sky is the limit. Make it a celebration to remember, and bust-out of the traditional mold.

Father - Daugther & Mother - Son


A father and daughter dance, or mother and son dance, is a really special moment in your wedding day. To spend a moment in creating a memory with someone who raised you and holds a special place in your heart. Make it extra special, and extend the memory, with some special dance lessons.


You’ve probably heard of a boudoir photo-shoot, something sexy, and mysterious, usually dressed in lingerie or partially nude. Many women have these done for themselves, or to gift to a partner. Well now you can add a dance to that experience, and take your boudoir to a whole new level.

Fireworks & Dry Ice


YFDC now offer Fireworks and Dry Ice to Any dance package – a whole other world of extra to your special day. Picture this, the perfect dance, complete with a Patrick Swazi lift and just at that moment of fireworks and dryice. It just gives you tingles doesn’t it? You and your guests will never forget it!