What our students say about us...

  • Anne – Marie has trained me since 2009, starting as just a hobby soon fell into a real passion. She has trained me in Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary and Tap. Competing in many solos over the years and receiving many awards, in 2017 I completed my Glenn Wood Tap exam Level 10 and received a Gold Award and Mark of 98%. Training over the next 12 months I then returned to complete my Level 11 exam again receiving a Gold Award and Mark of 98%. Without the training and knowledge Anne – Marie has not only taught but now passed on my marks, passion and love for dance would never have been possible without her amazing guidance.


  • As a mom you never stop worrying about your children. Are they ok, are they fitting in, are they doing what they love, are they happy. These questions were amplified when we moved to a whole new country from South Africa. I decide to get my daughter into dancing to keep her active, and also to socialise on a fun level with new kids. I was so worried at first, but a year on my daughter has blossomed into a great little performer and and real little dancer that shows so much promise. With Anne Marie and Miss Hayley my daughter’s confidence has come leaps and bounds, she’s made tons of new friends and looks forward to every opportunity to perform on stage. We love it at YFDC.


  • Shani and Adam were married at Chateau Elan in the Hunter Valley. Shani is an ex-dancer and wanted something to reflect what she has training in for most of her childhood. To do this, Adam was onboard to learn a choreographed Bridal Dance to Cant Help Falling in Love by Hayley Reinhart – a Cover Version. In just 6 x 1 Hour lessons they worked on a Bridal Waltz which was partly traditional but with a little flare for Shani. Adam lead the way and grained more confidence half way through the course, then nothing could stop him! Loved your feedback when sending these photos to us, “We got so many compliments about our dance!” We new you could pull it off especially to top it off when Adam had a chance to Strutt his stuff at the end! We also appreciate your Testimonial on Easy Weddings too, this is what Shani and Adam had to say about there experience: “Anne marie was fantastic! I had danced for most of my life but my partner hadn’t and she made it so easy for both of us. I would recommend her to everybody, people still comment of how amazing our first…

    Sharni & Adam

  • Your first dance co is a fantastic way to start your little dancers into the world of dance. It is a relaxed and inexpensive as there are no uniforms needed and all the little dancer get to dress in there own unique way, they even comment on each other’s outfits, so cute. The teachers are beautiful and warm and teach a lot of different techniques in each class. My daughter loves going there every week. I highly recommend Your first dance co to any parent.


  • I started doing Twerk It with Anne-Marie and Courtney two years ago, in Hamlyn Terrace. It was absolutely amazing! It can be really hard to love your body as a woman. The media tells you that you have to have flat this, and tight that, toned this, and shaped that, but never that you are enough just the way you are. But at this Twerk class, I felt more than enough, I felt sexy as. With these classes, I developed a whole lot of appreciation for jiggle. I know that sounds so strange. To appreciate the wobbly bits, but that’s what this is! Twerk is all about the wobble, the more you can make it bounce, jiggle, and wriggle, the sexier it is! Take a look at any twerk video, the butt is sexiest when it bounces. And the thing is, the more you love your body, the sexier and more confident you feel! And there is nothing sexier than confidence. You can see it in the women after class too!! Everyone is tired but really, to quote Beyonce, “feelin’ themselves.” And that leaks out too, in every other part of life. Especially if you’re a mum. It can be…



  • Hi i’m Nilza I’m 39 and i dance. Not any kind, but burlesque. The kind that is sexy and sultry and helps you loose inhibitions. That’s me second from the left oh and that’s my daughter on the far right. I came across Anne Marie’s add for the studio after a personal tragedy and had been feeling flat. I think I kinda shocked Anne Marie when I told her what had happened. I needed something to pep my naturally happy self back up. So off we went to a dance class. Just to see what it was about. First visit and we were up. Man I didn’t even wear my sports bra. Lol. We were hooked first lesson in. Dancing with my daughter has been a blast. At the studio Soph and I aren’t your regular mother daughter. Lol we never are actually. We take the piss out of each other. We egg the other on and it’s all in good fun. Soph sometimes takes it very seriously and you just laugh. We even convinced Soph’s cousin to join us. So the dynamics between the two girls and me is a barrel of laughs. Poor Amy didn’t know what hit…

    Nilza -


  • Our lessons with Your First Dance Co went really well. The dance instructor was very patient with us. Our first dance went really well. We both enjoyed it. It was very fun and so much less awkward than just slow dancing.

    Taryn B.

  • I learnt my first dance and father-daughter dance with Your First Dance Co. The instructor was amazing. My husband is not a dancer at all. I really wanted to recreate the “dirty dancing” moment and I still can’t believe we pulled it off! The guests thought it was awesome.

    Brigette S.

  • She was super friendly. Really easy to get along with. My husband and I had no dance skills but she was able to really guide us step by step. The dance went really well! I felt the price was quite reasonable!

    Hannah T.

  • She was really helpful, easy instructions and she put together a dance that was perfect for our song. The location of the studio is good and had a lot of dance knowledge. We had a number of sessions which helped us learn the dance.

    Melissa N.

  • he dance was fantastic and everyone was sooo surprised several people cried!! I missed a little step because I was Soo excited but we got straight back to it!! Such a fantastic routine thank you sooo much and thank you to Courtney. Will send through the proper photos when we get them but here’s a little picture. Thank you again xoxo Bon and Michael

    Bonnie D. -

    Bonnie D.

  • We found Anne Marie to be wonderful. The attention and professional way she acted I find very impressive. She was very good at addressing our limitations. She still made our dance fancy enough. She wasn’t familiar with our song choice but was able to put together a routine very quickly. She also took us our to our venue location so we could tweak the dance and have a rehearsal with the entrance and exits. My husband said he felt confident by the time we were done with the lessons.

    Clair L. -

    Clair L.

  • She was so easy to get along with. The way she taught me and my husband was great. She was extremely patient with us and we nailed the dance at the wedding. She actually did a venue rehearsal with us too. Really affordable!

    Jess W. -

    Jess W.

  • Our instructor was awesome. We did a first dance and a bridal party number. It was really good. The guests absolutely loved it.

    Nicole A. -

    Nicole A.

  • Anne Marie was absolutely beautiful to work with. Being a couple that didn’t really like dancing together as we found it awkward we ended up being so comfortable and confident even when we made mistakes no one noticed. I would definitely recommend Your first dance co. to any brides that I talk to! It was fantastic.

    Kim B. -

    Kim B.