Hi i’m Nilza I’m 39 and i dance. Not any kind, but burlesque. The kind that is sexy and sultry and helps you loose inhibitions.

That’s me second from the left oh and that’s my daughter on the far right.

I came across Anne Marie’s add for the studio after a personal tragedy and had been feeling flat. I think I kinda shocked Anne Marie when I told her what had happened. I needed something to pep my naturally happy self back up. So off we went to a dance class. Just to see what it was about. First visit and we were up. Man I didn’t even wear my sports bra. Lol. We were hooked first lesson in.

Dancing with my daughter has been a blast. At the studio Soph and I aren’t your regular mother daughter. Lol we never are actually. We take the piss out of each other. We egg the other on and it’s all in good fun. Soph sometimes takes it very seriously and you just laugh. We even convinced Soph’s cousin to join us. So the dynamics between the two girls and me is a barrel of laughs. Poor Amy didn’t know what hit her when we all joined. Anne Marie is awesome. She laughs with us. Her choreography is fab. I do feel sultry and sexy and got my mojo back.

No matter the day to day stresses happening Soph and I always make sure the other is going to dance. It’s almost like our girly bonding time. Home life I’m the mum but at dancing we are almost equals only I’m better lol. The girls have helped me get through some tough stuff and are have shared in my happy news too. I really enjoy going to classes every week.