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Dancing is great for the soul. Dancing not only improves your physical health but your emotional health too.

At Your First Dance Co. (YFDC) we know that the love of dance does not solely belong to children or professionals.

We know that many adults want to dance, maybe they didn’t dance as children and realised in adulthood that it is something they would love to try, maybe you did dance as a child and gave it up in your teens and now miss it terribly.

Whatever the reason YFDC are here to help. Our adults only dance classes are not some dance inspired cardio regime, where you bop along to some poor mix tap, doing step point and shuffles. 

At YFDC we give you the opportunity to work out whilst learning to dance, to actually dance.

Styles including Twerk, Burlesque, Hip Hop, Jazz and the like, you will have the opportunity to really dance. Dance is not only for the young, or the highly trained and paid professionals, no matter your age (as long as your an adult), and no matter your ability, these classes are for you.

As an added extra, YFDC also organise extra adults outings so that the lovely women who attend our classes have the opportunity to go out, try new things, and foster lasting friendships.

In 2021 we are excited to be offering new and expanded adult class timetables for the Hunter Valley and Central Coast – see below!


Dance is the joy of movement and the heart of life


Dance is for everyone (even the adults!)

Kids Dance Classes

Let your little ones get their groove on!


Have a party like no other!


A custom wedding dance choreographed for your big day.